Co-Write Your:

Email Launch Sequence

Beautifully Crafted, Sincerely Selling Emails to Launch Your Offer to Your List!


You're Ready to Launch a Program or Service...

You're heard the magic is in the mailing list!

But how do you know what kinds of emails to send? 
Or when to send them? 
Or what to write in them that communicates how much you care about your work without sounding like a snake oil salesman?

The truth is that most people are squeamish about sending out sales emails.

So they shoot out 1-2 emails to their list, don't get anywhere, and give up or get discouraged.

That's not how any of this works!  You will be sending 3 emails on your close cart day alone... but your readers will NOT mind getting them. 

Let's get these emails written together, so you can schedule them and stop thinking about them, instead of talking yourself out of sitting down and getting it done.

Why leave your #1 income Generating Machine on the table?

Enter: Co-Write Your Launch Emails

14 Days to a Powerful Email Sequence that Sells, Sincerely.

By the end of our time together, you'll have: 

  • An Open Cart Timeline telling you exactly WHAT to send WHEN, taking all the guesswork and confusion out of the picture
  • 9 strategically written emails that also transmit your passion and purpose straight to the hearts of your readers
  • 1 x 60 minute Foundations Session so I can get a deep look under the hood of your business and offer!
  • 1 x 90 minute Co-Writing Session with me so we can get to the heart and soul of your offer, in your own words and voice
  • Copywriting polish after our session to put the Sincere Sales spin on your email sequence
  • A fully copyedited and proofread product that's ready for you to copy/paste right into your mailing list provider, so all you have to do is focus on launching! (No pesky worries about typos ruining your rep)

Julie Beckerman, High Conflict Relationship Coach

“I'm super happy with what we produced together"

“I found you flexible, informal and easy to work with but the result was incredibly structured and organized.

I loved being able to show up, talk, answer questions-and have you spit it out into something on point.

My topic is pretty specialized and you really understood the content and audience.

I’m super happy with what we produced together.”

Here's How Co-Writing Works:


We meet for a 60m kick off session where I get to dive into your gorgeous brain and learn all about your offer and expertise. Once we get off the Zoom, I'll develop the framework for the email sequence you're going to offer.

Co-Writing Meeting

Let's Co-Write! On a 90-Min Zoom call, I'll ask you copywriter kinds of questions to dive into your brain while we write your emails together (Hint: YOUR voice, my Sincere Sales approach)

The In-Between

After our co-writing sesh, I'll work with our raw copy to put the "copywriter spin" on things, without losing your voice. I'll be turning words into selling machines... on the sly. Your readers won't know what hit them.

The Clink!

When our work is done and you approve the final draft, it's sent off to my copyeditor so you have a perfected draft to schedule in your mailing list provider. Can you hear the CLINK (and, the Cha-ching?)

I'm Ready to Write With JJ!

You're a Life Coach? Hey, I am too! 

Do you love to get curious, listen intuitively, acknowledge, validate, and create a vision? Then co-writing with me will be perfect - you’ve already got most of the skills.

As a business owner for over 15 years, I have studied the art & science of copywriting as the #1 way to bring revenue into my companies. 

The trouble with hiring out your writing is this: When someone writes FOR you, it isn't always aligned with your voice and energy. After all, you're not selling soda pop!

When we co-create the words on your site, you'll feel that you are 100% reflected in your most valuable biz real estate.

Let's Talk About Your Beautiful Offer!

Just hit the button below to send me an email, and we'll get some time on the books to talk about your offer and what's possible with your email launch sequence!

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