Package Your Brilliance

Work 1:1 Get That Group Coaching Program Out of Your Head and DONE in 30 Days.


YOU'RE A COACH FULL OF BRILLIANT IDEAS, but when it comes to putting them into a group coaching program, you get overwhelmed and paralyzed.


You know you can create massive change, impact lives, fulfill your purpose, and foster an awesome community of clients, all working together to move their live forward in an empowered way. (Oh, and exponentially increase your income and leverage your time...)

But when it comes to organizing your visionary ideas into content, materials, exercises... and tying it all up into a transformative container, you find yourself putting it off for another day.

‚ÄčIn the meantime, people around you are launching (and bragging about!) their group coaching programs. )You might have even seen YOUR idea perfectly executed... by someone else.  Ouch.)

Enter: Package Your Brilliance
A simple, step-by-step system to co-create your group coaching vision.


Life After Package Your Brilliance:

  • You can tell self-doubt to go to hell, because you have a coaching program you KNOW is top-notch
  • Your group coaching program participants are sending you emails and messages thanking you for changing their lives... because you get to show up and do what you do best... COACH
  • You're focusing on meaningful conversations to enroll people in your program rather than spending time debating what to include in your program
  • You're free to focus on doing what's in your zone of genius instead of spending hours figuring out the logistics and content of your program
  • You're making more money in less time... while creating affordable opportunities for your clients

Ruby Toad, Life Storm Coach

“With her help, my program is morphing into an even greater vision than what I had started."


"JJ... is phenomenal! She is able to understand my spirit and personality, and has the knowledge and expertise to help me pull the gold out of my head and put it into my program. With her help, my program is morphing into an even greater vision than what I had started."

Everybody Skips The Important Parts

Most people are busy obsessing about two things:

1) What should I include?

2) How do I coach a group?

But what ACTUALLY makes people talk about your program, and come back to you again and again for 1:1 work?

But the truth is, it's also the CONTAINER you create.  It's the way you pay special attention to building your COMMUNITY. It's the research you do to get CLARITY on what people REALLY want.

Hi, I'm JJ Carolan, MA, BCBA, CPC. It's a lot of letters.

What do all those letters mean?

I've spent my entire adult life studying how to help people have lasting and sustainable change.

When I started my life coaching practice, I was working myself to death. I needed to figure out how to use my time better, and maximize my income so I could leave my dayjob. That's when I created and launched my first group coaching program.

I was skeptical that a group would offer the same transformation as 1:1 coaching. I learned that community has a power all its own, helping members get vulnerable, feel seen, and stay accountable. 

Groups are a gift, to your clients and to you. Let's do this together!

Your Group Program Wants to Live!

Work with me to breathe life into a group coaching program that DEEPLY serves your clients.

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Things People Ask Me (And My Answers)

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Here's How It Works:

1) First we hop on a complimentary half hour call, where you tell me alllll about your beautiful group vision! (I can't WAIT)

2) After you book your slot, we get a Foundations Call on the calendar, where I dive into your brilliant brain and learn all about your area of expertise. 

3) After that session, you distribute a quick survey to some cherished clients to help me get CLARITY on what your people desire more than anything.

4) We meet weekly for 60 minutes each to co-create your content, community, & container. This is usually 3-4 sessions.

5) As your program comes to life, I complete a beautiful, polished .pdf for each segment, so you walk away with a ready-to-run program.