Co-Write Your Sales Page

Your Coaching Expertise and Fabulously Unique Voice... Translated into Website Words That Clients are Hungry For.

Your Website Should Connect with Dream Clients... But Does it? 


You don't need a bells-and-whistles website. You simply need a website that connects with your readers...JUST LIKE YOU WOULD.

You + I both KNOW that when you get in front of someone, you can connect, listen intuitively, acknowlede, validate, and transform lives with your coaching skills.

But does your website communicate your gifts? 

More importantly, does it communicate your gifts in a way a reader can relate to, understand, and crave?

You're a Life Coach. I'm a Life Coach. Nice to Meet You!

Do you love to get curious, listen intuitively, acknowledge, validate, and create a vision? Then co-writing with me will be perfect - you’ve already got most of the skills.

As a business owner for over 15 years, I have studied the art & science of copywriting as the #1 way to bring revenue into my companies. 

The trouble with hiring out your writing is this: When someone writes FOR you, it isn't always aligned with your voice and energy. After all, you're not selling soda pop!

When we co-create the words on your site, you'll feel that you are 100% reflected in your most valuable biz real estate.

Let's Talk About Your Website Project

Just hit the button below to send me an email, and we'll get some time on the books to talk about your business and vision for your website. 

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Effective Writing is the Lifeblood of Your Business.

You and I both know you're great at what you do! But more than anything, you must be able to communicate the value of what you offer to someone who doesn't know you. 

By the end of our time together you'll have:

  • A Home page that sizzles with resonance for your potential client. They’ll feel like you understand them and there’s no one else for them! (Kind of like online dating).
  • An About Me Page that communicates the unique brilliance that resonates with your dream client. You want them to know, LOVE, and trust you.
  • A “Praise” or “Testimonials” page that walks clients through the coaching journey, instead of just nice quotes.
  • A Services page that transforms your work into something tangible that people can actually buy.
  • A Marketing Message that feels natural, aligned, and powerful when you see it, say it, and live it in your work (Forget that elevator speech, please?)

Charlotte Nicholson, CPC

“I have loved every minute of our time together."

JJ took the time to help me get clear on the message I was wanting to convey. She stepped into my shoes and that of my clients, and her amazing way with words captured the essence of who I am ... as well as the message I was wanting to put across.

To have a coach copywriter with me meant that she was able to ask me the questions to get to the root of what I was wanting, and with her years of knowledge in both fields she could explain what coaching was in copy and how it helps my clients."

Here's How Co-Writing Works:


We meet for a 60m kick off session where I get to dive into your gorgeous brain and learn all about your niche. Then I'll generate some unique angles and messaging for us to play with.

Weekly Meetings

I develop the skeleton templates for your pages and bring them to our 90m weekly meetings. I'll ask you copywriter kinds of questions to dive into your brain while we write your pages together.

The In-Between

Between meetings, I'll work with our raw copy to put the "copywriter spin" on things, without losing your voice. I'll be turning words into selling machines... on the sly. Your readers wont't know what hit them.

The Clink!

When our work is done, it's sent off to my copyeditor so you have a perfected draft to install on your site. Then, we meet, comb through, and CELEBRATE! Can you hear the CLINK?

Let's Talk About Your Project!

Learn to Write While We Work

Learning to communicate with your readers will serve not only your website, but your social media, networking, public speaking and oh, anywhere you might reach a potential client.

If there’s one skill besides coaching that you want to master, it’s communication. You’re a wizard (coach), your reader is the muggle (not a coach)… so don’t run around yelling “REPARO!” Instead, show ’em how you can fix things.

Mediocre Writing Turns Clients Away. 

It's awesome when your Mom and friends tell you what a lovely site you have... but are they buying from you? 

You want a site that does some coaching for you. You want clients to feel seen and heard, like you truly understand them. Sadly, many coaches write sites that use a lot of high level concepts that don't meet people where they're at. They're lovely sites, but they don't engage.

You want to engage and convert. That's where I come in. Your brilliance, my word smithing.

It's time for you to SHINE through your website!

The website is what potential clients see... but we're going to make sure they get your energy stamp, too! Working side by side, we'll co-create the words for your website that draw readers in and assure them, "This is the coach for ME!"  (Potential side effects include: Thriving Coaching Biz and Clients You LOVE).

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