group coaching Sep 29, 2020

You're considering joining the Get Your Group Going Family... but you're on the fence about the investment? Wondering if this is the right time for you? Here's some of the most common questions we get. If you don't find the answer to YOUR question, then email us at [email protected]! 

1. Due to my time zone or other commitments, I can't make all the Q+A calls. Is it still a good investment?

I’d LOVE you to be there for the implementation calls! It’s your time to get clarity on anything bogging you down. From mindset to tech to “I understood it on the call but now I’m floundering…”… These sessions really help people move along. 
However, if you truly can’t make them, that’s why I’ve included the Facebook Studio. I know so many people are busy and working and let’s face it, I’ll NEVER find a time that works for EVERYONE. So, bring your work to the Facebook Studio and get tons of help from me...

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